Gateways Program

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This one-year Master of Science in Medical Sciences (ScM) program is for students who are seriously considering a career in medicine or healthcare and want to strengthen their credentials, test their ability to handle a rigorous scientific curriculum, and gain experience in community healthcare.

In this one-year, full-time program, you will complete 8.5 required courses culminating in a Master of Science (ScM) in Medical Sciences from Brown University. Courses include all four of the basic biomedical science courses and two of the three organ system courses undertaken by first-year medical students at The Warren Alpert Medical School. 

You’ll also complete a unique seminar course series about pressing issues in today’s health care system, such as social determinants of disease, population health, interdisciplinary teamwork, quality improvement, and health care communication. Integrated into this course series will be a longitudinal service learning experience at a community healthcare site and an associated community-based capstone project.

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    The Gateways Program features small class sizes that allow for individualized attention to students' academic needs.
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    All students in the Master of Medical Science program complete a focused community project of benefit to their longitudinal community healthcare site and patients.
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    Students benefit from hands-on, practical experiences at our community healthcare sites.
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    Through Gateways, you can:

    • Improve your credentials for entry into medical school or other health professional schools;
    • Gain a solid foundation in the basic science coursework typically undertaken by first-year medical students; and
    • Test your aptitude for a variety of careers in health sciences.

    "When I chose Brown, I knew I was choosing an institution that understood that excellent future health care providers needed to understand much more than just biological foundations of health and medicine."